Joining The Radio Broadcasting Industry: Check Your Options!

Is radio dead? Contrary to what some people may believe, radio is still relevant and necessary. It remains one of the most trusted broadcasting platforms, and most of us are still addicted to it. We listen to radio broadcasters on the way to work, while driving and traveling. Today, a career in radio broadcasting can be insanely rewarding, especially because online radio is so popular. If you are wondering how to get into radio, we have a guide below that may come in handy.

Enroll for a course

There are media schools that have dedicated courses on radio broadcaster, and that’s you best bet for finding a good job in the industry with a decent salary. If you are talented and have an interest in the field, a degree or certification in radio broadcasting can really expand your horizons. Most radio stations and online radio channels are looking for people who are technically sound and extremely advanced in their knowledge of the field, and that’s the precise reason why formal training is so necessary.

Consider volunteering

If you want to really get into the field of radio broadcasting, volunteering can be a great choice. Most colleges do have campus radio, so you can ask for vacancies. The idea is to understand how radio broadcasters work, so that you can learn things and imbibe the right traits. You can also check for intern roles that many stations have for enthusiastic radio broadcasting students.


Even radio needs marketing, and to do that, you have to learn how to promote a channel and a show. Most radio broadcasters do some form of marketing on air. Think of the giveaways, special event prizes and other shows. You could become a brand manager or deal in production, while eventually becoming a radio broadcaster.

Things to know

There are no fixed norms for becoming a radio broadcaster, but practical experience and real exposure do help. We would recommend that you check all the relevant courses and select a media school that offers hands-on training. You also need to consider if interning is the right option, because interns may not get the biggest salaries. Get your degree, and you can land in a real job.

It may take a while to have your own show as a full-on radio broadcaster, but the field is interesting, and there are new things to learn every single day. Even the task of managing a radio station can be financially and professionally rewarding.

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