Finding Safe Lifting Equipment for Manhole Cover Lift

The process of lifting drainage covers, and manhole covers is very demanding physically, but it is also a dangerous task for those who have to do it. Without the proper lifting equipment aids, there is a massive risk of personal injury. This is why those in need of assistance should always work with lifting equipment hire specialists to hire manhole cover lifting equipment. This helps to make the process as efficient as possible, whilst maintaining strict health and safety standards and helping the worker to stay safe from an accident and personal injury in the process.

There are a few ways in which a manhole cover can be lifted. The first is by hand, and this is the way in which most people who suffer injuries will do so. The manual lifting of drain covers, and manhole covers is the cause of many a back injury, both minor and major (causing loss of employment or even worse). There are so many different shapes and sizes to drain covers that it is important to have an in-depth understanding of each before attempting to lift it. Hiring lifting equipment to assist in lifting a manhole cover is always the preferable option when faced with any type of drain cover.

Handheld lifting keys to assist with the lifting of drain covers are the most popular and effective way of doing so. The cover lifting keys engage with slots in the cover itself, and after some loosening (which is sometimes required due to compacted dirt and the impact of traffic) it can be lifted. The worry here is that pry bars and hammers are required, and this can cause damage to the cover, strain injuries on the person attempting to lift the manhole cover and potential eye injuries from flying debris as the drain cover is being removed in this way.

Manhole cover lifting systems that are supplied by specialist lifting equipment hire companies are the safest and most efficient way to go about lifting a manhole cover of any kind. With assistance from experts you can ensure there is a smooth process in place that minimises the risk of injury for the person conducting the work, and that the ideal smooth process takes place to remove the manhole cover as quickly as possible.

Whether a person suffers injury to his or her back or suffers an even greater injury when an accident occurs during the lifting of a manhole or drainage cover, it can cause devastating consequences. With manual labour such as this, there are fine margins between a successful task being completed and a person getting hurt. Utilising the experience and know-how of lifting equipment hire specialists will help you and your staff to stay safe during the process of lifting manhole covers of drainage covers, no matter the reasons behind the task. Understanding the dangers, and minimising risk is important for any project manager, and with the right support from a lifting hire company, you can ensure you are fully covered and maximising standards.

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