Five Factors to Consider when Choosing your Industrial Site Location

If you have decided to build a new industrial facility, you may want to break ground and begin industrial construction. But, before settling on the first plot of ground that suits your budget, you must assess your needs and pick the right building site location. Think about the qualities of every possible site before you make your final decision. Below is a list of things to look for in a building site location:

Physical Characteristics

Every industrial building’s physical characteristics can affect the construction cost. For instance, a sharply sloping lot will require additional expense to level and reinforce the building surface. Rocky ground may require demolition before you can start building and loose soil does not offer a firm setting for a foundation. If you are not sure whether these characteristics are a factor in your site location, consider commissioning a site analysis by a professional builder. This is important to identify the positive and negative aspects of every site.

Local Laws

The majority of building sites will carry some restrictions in terms of what you can build on them. These are likely to influence your building’s physical characteristics like the height. Or they may compel some design decisions on you. For instance, you might have to offer a certain amount of parking or accommodate special needs for the local community.

Community Fit

If you are constructing a new building in an established location, ensure it is a good fit for it.  Usually, industrial plants and facilities are located away from the crowd due to hazard issues. Make sure you pick a location that will keep the people from the community safe and protected from the possible waste that your facility may produce.

Access and Connections

Installing roads and utility connections can be expensive, so you look for site locations that are already wired, plumbed, and connected to roads. Ensure the existing connections are sufficient for your needs. If your business requires access to high-speed data lines, you must also check the service quality at your selected site before committing to construction.

Other Important Factors

These factors include the probability of flooding on the site. You must invest in special equipment you can use for dealing with groundwater to protect your future building from water damage. Sites that have high sun exposure are not cheap to keep cool in the summer. But, you can take advantage of the abundant sunshine by installing solar panels to minimize your energy costs.

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