How to Make the Most of Google Ads

If you are managing a small business, there comes a time when you realise that everything is happening online and perhaps your marketing efforts are best directed to the World Wide Web. The pandemic has pushed millions of people into the e-commerce marketplace, as they try to avoid human contact and for any business, it is imperative to have a strong online profile.

Google the Tech Giant

By far the largest silicone valley based tech giant, Google captures all the world’s data, plus they created the number 1 search engine, a platform that millions of consumers use to source products and services. As you would expect, there are indeed many variables when it comes to advertising with Google and when looking for Google Ads in Perth, for example, there is a leading SEO agency that specialises in Google Ads and will create a winning campaign that drives traffic to your website.

Defining your Customers

Prior to placing any ads, you need to define your customer groups, which might be teenagers, housewives or career-minded people and you will likely have several groups that have a need for your products or services. Only when you have clearly defined groups, can you create and place the right message, and this is how the SEO agency works.

Choosing the Right Digital Platforms

There are many platforms you could place your ads upon and the secret to success is to find out where your target groups spend their online time; this allows you to focus your message to those who have a genuine interest in your products. It’s not going to be very fruitful if your message reaches people who have no interest in your wares, so customer definition is critical, and whether these people use YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook, you place your ads there.

Timing is Important

If you have a local market, you want your ads going out at prime time and the SEO agency will make sure that’s when your ads run, when the right people are tuned in. YouTube has billions of followers, with many specialised groups and the SEO agency can specify exactly where your ads appear, thus maximising your exposure to the right people.

ROI – The Bottom Line

Of course, when running Google Ad campaigns, you decide on your budget and you can expect a great ROI when you hire the professionals. Their team monitor your platform at all times, checking to see where the clicks are coming from and with powerful analytical tools, you have a very detailed view of the performance of your ads.

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