Choosing Between Mortar Matching Services – An Overview

While mortar construction and bricks are meant to last, there will be a point, where you will have to think of repairs. Mortar matching, in particular, is a rather tricky job of sorts, and just any other contractor may not be able to deliver what you are looking for. In Fort Worth, contractors like Brick Experts have mortar matching services that are absolutely worth relying, but before you hire a service, here are some basic things worth knowing.

Knowing mortar concerns

For the unversed, motor is a mix of sand, cement and hydrated lime, typically used for making bricks and stones. Mortar bricks can get crack because of various factors, and one of the biggest challenges is to match new mortar with pre-existing bricks and stones, so that your property doesn’t look odd. The task is hard because as mortar is exposed to air pollution, sunlight, and other factors, color may change. To do the same, the key task is to test testing mortar composition, so that new mortar can match the old ones. That’s where the expertise of a contractor lies.

Working with mortar matching services

When you see signs of mortar damage, do not delay the repair work, because it may only add to more costs in the long run. Loose and crumbling mortar is not common either, and to ensure that the structural integrity is not compromised, you have to call the experts for an inspection. Finding the right mortar matching servicesis easy, when you ask the right questions –

  1. Is your company licensed? Do you have the permissions to do residential work?
  2. How is the mortar matching process done?
  3. Do you give any warranty on the job?
  4. Do you have a team of your own? Are your workers trained, insured, and bonded?
  5. Will you offer client references on request?

It also makes sense to ask for client references and photos of previous projects. A mortar matching service that has been around for a while wouldn’t shy away from that. Also, do check independently on Google, if the concerned contractor has good reviews. If the same service can also handle chimney repair and other masonry tasks, you can call for different jobs in the future too.

Finally, ask for an estimate. You want to be absolutely sure that the concerned service will not cut corners to offer a lower price. The estimate should be fair, transparent with no room for hidden charges.

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