Do you Need Hydraulic Cylinder Repair?

With all the innovations in equipment in this contemporary world, using hydraulic cylinders play an important role in a range of applications. Such a system is a basic plan of piston and cylinders that can raise heavy items. The majority of car parts or heavy equipment functions on the concept of hydraulics. Also, hydraulic cylinders are used in other systems such as elevators, excavators, forklift, and bulldozers.

How Hydraulic Cylinder Systems Fail

The hydraulic system can be overloaded by a bent piston. Because of constant long use, the system can have a fracture. Wear and tear can cause the cylinder’s seal to break or split. Moreover, the piston rings can get harmed. Every time you consider hydraulic cylinder repair near me, remember to keep your repair tool package all set for use. This set often includes lubrication, a new cylinder rod, and new shaft seals with O-shaped rings.

Common Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

It is usually said that many mechanical equipment failures are caused by design failures. In terms of hydraulic cylinders, one in four cylinders are not adequately design for the application they are operating in. If your cylinder requires frequent repair, you may have to address any of the following:

  • Bent rods. Bent rods can cause the rod seal to fail. Bent cylinder rods can be due to insufficient rod diameter or material strength, improper cylinder mounting arrangement or a combination of these. When the rod bends, excessive load is placed on the rod seal, leading to premature seal failure.
  • Insufficient bearing area. Insufficient internal bearing areas in the gland and piston will make it impossible for them to carry the torsional load transferred to the cylinder. As a result, excessive load is placed on the rod and piston seals, leading to deformation and premature seal failure.

  • Ballooned tubes. This often due to insufficient wall thickness and/or material strength for the operating issues of the cylinder. Tube ballooning can result in the correct tolerance between the piston seal and tube wall being lost. Ultimately, this leads to high-pressure fluid bypassing the seal, possibly eroding the seal and localized heating.

Hydraulic cylinders are not made equal. Thus, if your cylinders suffer recurring failure, it may need modifications to break the circle of failure and repair. A hydraulic cylinder repair professional will help you address any issues your cylinder may have and ensure you will be able to use it for the longest time possible.

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