All You Want To Know About Forestry Equipment

Loggers and foresters depend on several types of equipment to efficiently cut and process trees. Let us know more about the fundamental types of equipment that you would require for the best performance.


Delimber is an important tool in logging and forestry work. Three methods will help you delimb a tree. This includes a gate, a flail, and a pull-through.

They are landing-based, low in cost, and appropriate for situations where the quality of wood isn’t an issue. Gates are the structure of steel that are welded inside a grid design. The grapple skidder helps in the movement of logs of trees via the gates and eventually breaking off the limbs.

Pull-through delimbers are horizontally-mounted processors and can be either trailer-mounted or standalone. If you are looking for a trusted place to buy machine forestiere, then visit Payeur. Here you will find an extensive range of best quality forestry equipment, wooden loaders, trailers, and their spare parts.

Feller Bunchers

These are self-propelled forestry equipment that comes with one cutting head. It lacks processing capabilities. They are pushed by tracks or wheels. This equipment can get a grip of over a single stem at one time. The cutting heads work as a holding, cutting, and ground placement device. Tracked machines operate slowly, but provide higher stability.

Stump Grinders

This equipment eliminates tree stumps by way of a rotating cutting disk. The equipment varies in terms of size. It can be as large as a truck or small as a lawnmower. A majority of this equipment performs the task by using a high-speed disk that is equipped with teeth that crushes the roots and stump into small-sized chips.


Mulchers primarily serve home landscaping tasks. They are fitted with a swinging hammer, power, and fixed tooth rotor system that is connected to the horsepower abilities of the vehicle or tractor to which it will connect.

The mulching ability of the tree is comparatively larger. It provides an average circumference of the trunk to be around sixteen inches or forty centimeters in diameter.


A yarder makes use of cables to fly logs or pull logs to a landing. It comprises of drums, spar, and engine in a wide range and configurations. It includes a swing yarder known as swing boom.


These are some of the widely used and beneficial forestry equipment that can enhance the efficiency, and performance of the task.

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