Your Staff & How To Communicate With Them Properly.

Any experienced business owner will always tell you that you need to surround yourself with staff members who work hard for you and who take their jobs seriously every single day. It is also equally important that you communicate with your employees clearly and effectively so they know and understand what you expect from them. There is no room for ambiguity in any successful business and in order to be able to motivate your staff and to encourage them to be more productive, you need to be clear in your instructions.

Communication is incredibly important in any working environment and in order to make sure everyone understands, Enterprise Audio /Visual Conferencing should be used whenever possible. You can use audio and visual to keep your teams informed at all times and it also helps to build essential trust and respect between you and the people who work for you. The unfortunate thing is that many managers and owners don’t know how to communicate properly and so the following are some tips to help.

  • Be honest with them – Your employees need to be able to trust you at all times and so by being honest with them and clear with regard to what you expect goes a great way in encouraging them to do their best and to be more productive. If your business is experiencing some issues at the moment because of a lack of business then you should be honest with them in this regard as well. Employees need to know how the company is doing at any given time and you should always be encouraging them to give their opinions on how things could be done better.
  • Be more approachable – Your staff will not communicate with someone that they feel uncomfortable around and so it is your job to let them know that you are willing to listen to them at any time and we have a popular expression that the door of your office always remains open to them no matter what. Try to address some of your negative body language that stops them from approaching you and make sure that communication is clear at all times.

Feedback should always be encouraged in any organisation because you cannot surround yourself by yes people who will just tell you that you are right when sometimes that you are wrong. You need to learn to value your employee’s opinions because these are the very people who do the job every single day and who probably understand the business better than you do.

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