A Comprehensive Retail Store Checklist for the Novice Entrepreneur

If this is your very first venture into the mysterious world of retailing, there is a lot to learn and the consumer can be a very complex creature, which means you need to create a unique in-store ambience. It is assumed that you already have a theme for your store interior, which might be futuristic, rustic or contemporary, and in order to help you cover every aspect of in-store décor, here is our checklist.

  • Store Layout – As you probably know, there are several tried and trusted retail layout templates; ones that encourage the visitor to pass by all the products, with others that make the best use of available space. Of course, a lot depends on the size and the shape of your space, and there are a few great resources online to help you come up with the best layout for your store.
  • Signage – Both exterior and interior signage need to be in place, and much like your design, your signage should be themed, using the same colours, fonts and shapes. Find a local label shop (called ร้านทําป้ายสินค้า in Thai) and they can print all your labels and calls to action on stickers, and these can be located in the best spots, preferably near the target products. Make sure you have all the necessary informational signage in place, in locations that are clearly visible from all elevations, with contrasting shades for the background and text.
  • Climate Control – It is essential that you can maintain the ideal temperature and let’s not forget ventilation, which is important, as it keeps a clean airflow that removes odours.
  • Lighting – A critical element of the ambience, in-store lighting should be a careful mix of task and general lighting, using spots to illuminate certain products. It might be an idea to talk to an interior store designer regarding the lighting, or failing that, you can read a few online blogs on the subject. Dimmer switches are always a good idea as this gives you the ability to alter the lighting at the turn of a dial.
  • Store Security – Your CCTV system should be up and running, with cameras covering every angle and one focused on the checkout, as this eliminates the risk of an incident due to incorrect change, as you can easily rewind to see the denominations the customer gave the cashier.

Once you are open for business, do take note of how store visitors react, which will help you to make adjustments, and hopefully, your business will steadily grow as more and more customers tell their friends about your amazing store.

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