The Importance Of Enrobing In The Chocolate Industry

The varieties available in chocolate products are a lot. For years chocolate manufacturers have bought a lot of innovative ideas for the industry. The new ideas bought in both tastier and better-looking chocolates to the market. The enrobing is such a method that came very long but is still one of the most commonly used technique. Although the effectiveness of this method changed over time, the underlying process is always the same. A few of the most widely sold chocolates comes to the store shelf after enrobing. Today we have chocolate enrober machines of varying capacities available in the market.

What is enrobing

To simplify the explanation to the word enrobing, we can say it as a kind of coating. However, there are many other coating methods used in the industry too. But, enrobing is a unique and better way to make chocolates. The enrobing method creates a consistent flow of chocolate to cover a product with a layer of chocolate. The process ensures proper coverage of this ingredient on all sides. After the enrobing process, the product gets transferred for cooling. A uniform covering is obtained through this process of coating.

The use of enrobing

Many might see enrobing as another way to decorate chocolates in an innovative approach to reach better sales records. But, the first use of this idea was entirely different from the concept. The chocolate covering done through enrobing was used as a medium to protect the ingredients enrobed by the chocolate layer. The covered edibles can be anything from nuts to ice cream. The chocolate covering done through enrobing will provide better shell life for the ingredients inside. The chocolate acts as protection from moisture, microbes, oxidation, etc. However, the latest enrobing applications serve as a way to enhance the flavor of the chocolates innovatively. Best-selling chocolate bars like Mars and Bounty come after the enrobing process.

Latest innovations in enrober machines

Technology has grown a lot over the years. The enrober machines used in the chocolate industry also evolved a lot with the help of the latest innovation. The most notable improvement in the case of this equipment is the energy-saving ability added to them. Today enrobers are available, which can run for a long time with significantly low energy usage. Few reputed firms even developed enrobers that can save up to 80% of energy than a traditional enrober.

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