How to Keep Industrial Warehouses Safe from Fire

Fire safety is an important part of life in an industrial warehouse. Where there is danger, potential pitfalls and accidents involving machinery, equipment, working at height, chemicals and other hazardous substances, there is a real need to make sure everything is above board. When it comes to implementing a strong fire safety process in an industrial setting, the person responsible must put together an effective plan that involves the use of heavy and robust fire doors, as well as other means of protecting people from potential fire and smoke risks. Here, we look at a few different ways to ensure this happens effectively and that fire safety is of paramount concern in an industrial setting.

Fire safety in a warehouse or other type of industrial setting takes on a number of components. The first is to think about the types of materials and dust that are present and potential combustible. You often find that warehouses are used for the storage of many different types of items, many of which could be possible sources of fire, such as hazardous chemicals and flammable materials, dust, cigarettes, rubbish and other debris. If these items are not segregated carefully it could lead to a greater chance of fire. Combustible dust can cause greater problems if a fire breaks out in an industrial warehouse as the dust can easily become airborne and cause the fast spread of fire and the start of secondary fires in the worst cases.

Another challenge in warehouses and industrial settings is where equipment and machinery is concerned. If an item is poorly maintained or serviced ineffectively it could become a fire hazard. Also, if the manufacturer’s instruction and training manuals are not adhered to explicitly it could cause problems further down the line. Electrical fires can happen very quickly and spread incredibly quickly too, destroying warehouses, causing great damage and potential injury and fatalities for those people working at that location.

This is where compartmentation becomes an important part of everyday life in an industrial warehouse. Where you are looking at so many different potential sources of fire, you have to section off certain areas and do so in the correct manner. Both sturdy walls and the right type of fire door should be installed to help section out warehouses to keep different locations from impacting on the whole building. In the case of a fire breaking out, fire doors can stop fire and smoke from spreading too quickly, allowing people time to escape safely and quickly, whilst also preventing damage to other areas of the building and the equipment and machinery present in those other areas.

Suppliers of fire doors understand the different pressures in different industries. There is a different need and type of fire door that is required within an industrial setting than there are for certain domestic properties, or even in other types of commercial properties. As the person responsible for fire safety in your industrial workplace it is imperative that you find an expert supplier of fire doors that can help you install the correct type of fire door to work effectively within your workplace and within the entire set-up of fire safety and the processes that your employees follow in order to remain safe at all times. It only takes one poor part of a fire safety protocol for the entire location to become a dangerous place, and a weak fire door can have serious consequences.

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