Types of switchgear to be aware of

The following are some of the switchgear type which is handled at switchgear servicing & maintenance.  It includes:

High voltage switchgear – HV

It is the power system that is able to control voltage of above 36KV and that is why it is referred to as high voltage. With the voltage being high, the arcing which is generated during the operation of transitioning is high as well.

Thus, extra care has to be taken during the high voltage switchgear manufacturing, and that is the reason as to why the high voltage circuit breaker is required to have certain features for safe and reliable operations.

Low voltage switchgear – LV

In majority of cases the switchgear which is rated 1KV is referred to as low voltage switchgear. The LV switchgear term has switches for low voltage, earth leakage circuit breaker, the offload electrical isolators, HRC fuses, molded case circuit breakers – the MCCB and the MCB – miniature circuit breakers.

Medium voltage switchgear – MV

From 3 KV to 36KV switchgear systems are sorted to be medium voltage switchgear or MV switchgear. Majority of the switchgear in this category are many types. They normally have a metal enclosed outdoor type; outdoor or indoor type that doesn’t have a metal enclosure, metal enclosed indoor type and much more.

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