Liquor Caps

For Raj Caps, spirit closures constitutes the largest business division. These closures are used by distilleries for packaging spirits such as whisky, vodka, rum, brandy, gin and other such beverages.

The closures are available in a range of popular sizes and are coated with alcohol–resistant internal lacquer systems.

The optional functional and decoration aspects include:
•    ‘Non-refillable insert’ to ensure brand protection
•    Side embossing and top embossing along with chamfering
•    Sidewall printing on long draw closures (such as 30/35mm, 30/60mm)
•    Caps with internal compound lining suitable for packaging RTDs

We provide Double tamper evident proof cap with perfect combination of Plastic (poly carbonate) & Aluminium with non refillable plastic pourer & is compatible on specified glass bottles.